Cooperation Agreements


Agriculture plays a key role for economic and sustainable development of rural areas as well as for supporting other nonagricultural activities in the Republic of Moldova.

Agriculture provides an important source of employment in the Republic of Moldova, income generation and food security for some of the most vulnerable segments of society, particularly in rural areas where there are few other opportunities.

The Agency for Intervention and Payments in Agriculture (AIPA) is responsible for managing the financial resources aimed at supporting agriculture and its attached sectors as well as for the development of rural areas.

External cooperation with similar EU Agencies will support AIPA to strengthen the institutional capacity of the Agency to administer Agriculture and Rural Development support measures in line with EU norms and standards.


The cooperation agreements between AIPA and external development partners (EU Paying Agencies)

The Rural Investment Financing Agency (AFIR), Romania www.afir.info cooperation agreement since November 2018.

Agency for Paying and Intervention for Agriculture (APIA), Romania www.apia.org.ro cooperation agreement since april 2018 to april 2020.
State Agricultural Intervention Fund, Czech Paying Agency for Agriculture and Rural Development (SZIF) www.szif.cz cooperation agreement since 24of October 2017.
Estonian Agricultural Registers and Information Board (PRIA), Estonia www.pria.ee/en, cooperation agreement since October, 2013.
AgrarMarkt Austria (AMA), the Austrian Paying Agency for Agriculture and Rural Development, Austria www.ama.at Intro cooperation agreement since April, 2014.
Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture (ARMA) of the Republic of Poland. www.arimr.gov.pl cooperation agreement since October, 2017
NATIONAL PAYING AGENCY (NPA), LITHUANIA (Nacionalinė Mokėjimo Agentūra  www.nma.lt cooperation agreement since March 2016 to March 2021.
Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Agricultural Markets and Rural Development (AAMRD), Slovenia www.arsktrp.gov.si  cooperation agreement since October 2017
Hungarian State Treasury, Hungary www.allamkincstar.gov.hu cooperation agreement since November 2015 –November 2019.