About The Agency

The Agency for Intervention and Payments in Agriculture (AIPA) was established in 2010 with the aim to promote the sustainable development of Moldova’s agriculture and to ensure the wellbeing of its rural areas.

AIPA is an administrative authority under the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment tasked to manage financial resources to support agricultural producers, monitoring of funds’ distribution, quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the impact of support measures to farmers by the state.



AIPA aims to support the subsidy schemes in the Republic of Moldova in order to create a favorable climate for attracting investments in agriculture and rural development.

Mission’s achievement focuses on the following areas: ensuring fair and lawful delivery of operations to manage the subsidy funds; controlling the use of funds allocated to beneficiaries; participation in preparing areas for subsidization; continuous monitoring of compliance with eligibility criteria and contractual conditions for granting financial aid to subsidy beneficiaries; information, communication, presentation of innovations.

AIPA is responsible for the efficient management of the National Agricultural and Rural Development Fund, in the following areas:

  • Investments in agricultural holdings;
  • Investments in the processing and marketing of agricultural products;
  • Investments in physical infrastructure and rural services;
  • Advanced subsidies for the Start-Ups.
  • Direct payments in supporting agriculture and rural environment.


Agency’s VISION

Considering the current priorities of the institution based on improving the Agency's work, AIPA’s vision is to develop an institution that works with and for stakeholders to address disadvantages, and also appreciate its staff, which in turn will endeavor to work effectively, to respond quickly to changes and will focus on sustainable results.