Agency’s mission

The agency of Interventions and Payments for Agriculture was created by the Government decision no. 60 of February 4, 2010. It is an administrative body subordinated to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry. The Agency’s mission is to manage financial resources intended for supporting agricultural producers, to monitor the allocation of such resources and to evaluate the quantity and quality impact of the state’s measures intended to support farmers.

The agency carries out the following basic functions:
a) ensures the correct and legal management of the funds allocated for supporting the agricultural producers;
b) examines the requests and applications submitted by the applicants, as well as their eligibility to benefit state-provided funds, according to the established procedures and regulations;
c) creates and keeps the Register of agricultural holdings;
d) runs and internal control system with the aim to ensure the correctness of the applied procedures and systems, as well as to measure their performance.

The agency has the following basic duties:
a) to approve payments to beneficiaries after having verified the requests, detected and fully eliminated the existing irregularities;
b) to accept or reject applicants’ requests for payment and inform them on the errors found, according to the established procedures and regulations;
c) to monitor, account and register payments in the Agency’s separate accountant registers (data processing electronic system) and prepares information related to expenses execution;
d) to keep the necessary documents in the context of the internal and external control justifying carried out payments and documents confirming the meeting of the physic and administrative control requirements;
e) to work out procedure and methodology guides with a view to implement functional duties legally;
f) to draft payment orders and submits them to the territorial units of the State treasury;
g) to ensure structural subdivisions and territorial directorates with technical equipment and supplies;
h) to submit quarterly and annual reports, as well as reports on the carried out operations and their relevant aspects;
i) to accountant carried out payments;
j) to inform the civil society on the carried out activities.